Philosophers And The Study of Consciousness Throughout History

Most philosophers delve into deep subjects. In fact, when thinking about reality and life, most philosophers think about consciousness. However, this is a difficult subject to thinkabout as it is present in our everyday experiences. Here are three famous philosophers who delved into consciousness.

Sigmund Freud: The father of psychoanalysis thought that the libido controlled every aspect of a human. While he was influential and provided people with a lot of reading material, many of his ideas are not taken seriously in modern times.

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Alan Watts: This British philosopher drew most of his ideas from Eastern ideas. Though he was not a Buddhist or a Taoist, he felt that life was a dance and that everyone is God. While not popular in the United States while he was alive, he has managed to gain following from young people who seek more from life.

Carl Jung: This Swiss psychotherapist diverged from Freud in a lot of areas. Again, like Alan Watts, he felt that everyone was God in disguise and consciousness was like a mirror.

In reality, most people do not understand consciousness. In fact, people who study the brain still cannot explain even basic ideas or concepts about lie and the universe.


Christof Koch



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