? Is The Energy In The Human Brain The Soul

The answer to that question is yes, according to the school of thought which states that all living things are energy. They give off an energy field, or an aura, which pulses. This energy operates on frequencies. The higher the frequency, the more cosmic, angelic, or God-like energies are experienced.

The soul has been characterized as an indefinable specter living inside the human body. In actuality, the human race is no more than spirit having a human experience. It has to have somewhere to live, where it can enjoy ever higher frequencies.

Science has proven that both lobes of the brain are capable of this higher frequency. Since the major religions state that to attain Godhead one must put self, or the ego frequency, aside, science appears to agree with the religions. The idea is that in subduing the self, a higher frequency is attainable.

Brain damage resulting from accidents isn’t the only arena being studied. Clerical persons accustomed to meditation have been studied, also. In both groups, the suborning of both left and right brains have been found to increase spirituality, thus increasing frequency and proving undeniably that there is a soul in the human body, residing in the brain.

Christof Koch


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